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MELT: A Grilled Cheese Truck
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About Melt

If you’re reading the "About Us" page, you’re probably wondering how these two cheesy chicks came together and decided to start a food truck.

The answer is, they really don’t know. While Harriet has ten years of restaurant experience as the co-founder of Ocean and 26, she’s never once been at the wheel of a food truck. Her only kitchen experience was as a professional taster behind the line at Ocean. Paget, a certified matchmaker and former recruiter in New York, has never even worked in a restaurant. While she fancies herself quite the cook and dinner party extraordinaire, her only time behind the line was uninvited and in five inch heels.

Paget moved back to Birmingham from New York in 2008. Since then, she's become a certified matchmaker, started a relationship column for B-Metro magazine and peddled yogurt for her family’s business, 32 Degrees. While it has always been Paget’s dream to start a restaurant in Birmingham, there was something about it that just didn’t fit. The two had several ideas, but the one they both came back to was a food truck. Once they agreed, it all seemed to fall into place.

After retiring from the restaurant business, Harriet focused her efforts on raising her two teenage boys, Will and Peter. Last year, while making after school snacks for her kids, they both remarked that the only thing she could really cook was a grilled cheese. Being a third generation restaurateur, something instinctively clicked. So there you have it, the story of Paget and Harriet.

However, what do two cheesy chicks need the most? A man. After their concept was finalized, Harriet reached out to Joey Dickerson, a chef she has known and worked with for more than a hot minute. Joey, weak to our powers, was unable to resist the offer to man the MELT kitchen. Joey’s laugh is almost as addictive as his savory creations. If we could just get him to wear heels.

The concept behind MELT is simple: a modern twist on a classic comfort food. The menu is approachable and the food is scrumptious. There is something about going back to basics that just makes sense. Grilled cheese sandwiches put smiles on faces. Whether it’s a plain grilled cheese on wheat or a "Southern Comfort" with grilled onion, bacon, and pulled pork on sourdough, the MELT menu has something for everyone.

It’s a proven fact that food tastes better when someone else makes it, especially when it’s made by two cheesy chicks and their man.

Is there anything these chicks won’t do? Probably not. Have truck, will travel. Melt will cater everything from birthday parties to the late night after party.